Cardano Whales Sell-Off Trigger Concerns

Cardano Whales Sell-Off Trigger Concerns

Cardano Whales Action and ADA Price Performance

Despite recent price gains, significant sell-offs by Cardano whales (addresses holding 1 million to 1 billion ADA tokens) create concerns about cryptocurrency’s future price performance. The whales’ behavior is often a bearish signal, suggesting a loss of confidence in the coin.

Historically, price declines have followed such sell-offs, putting smaller investors on high alert. Meanwhile, Cardano currently displays low volatility, which has positive and negative implications.

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Low volatility indicates market stability, reducing the risk of sharp price drops. On the other hand, it hinders significant upward momentum, preventing the token from making substantial price gains. While it offers protection against drastic declines, it also means that substantial price increases are less likely.

Two Scenarios for ADA’s Price Movement

Analysts believe there are two scenarios for ADA’s price movement in the near term. The first is the consolidation phase. If the selling pressure from whales persists but does not intensify, ADA could stabilize around its previous support level between $0.42 and $0.44.

The second is a correction. If whales’ selling pressure intensifies significantly, it could trigger a more substantial price drop. Thus, ADA could fall below the $0.42 support level, erasing recent gains.

This correction could lessen confidence in ADA’s long-term prospects. Despite the bearish signals, there’s still optimism for ADA holders. Over the past week, the token’s price has increased by nearly 5%, suggesting that there is still sufficient buying pressure to counteract the selling.

Another factor to consider is the broader market sentiment, measured by the Fear & Greed Index. Currently, this index is at 72, indicating “Greed.” This high level of greed suggests that the overall market sentiment is bullish.

Analyst van de Poppe Provides Market Outlook

Cryptocurrency analyst and trader Michaël van de Poppe noted that SEI (the native token of the layer-1 blockchain platform, Sei) has depreciated by around 70% against Bitcoin (BTC) since January. Despite this downturn, he believes a new upward momentum for SEI is “inevitable.”

According to his analysis, SEI could find support at 0.0000006 BTC, which translates to approximately $0.42. At the time of his prediction, SEI was trading at 0.00000768 BTC, or about $0.543, and had a market capitalization of around $1.6 billion.

The analyst’s optimistic outlook for Sei is based on its current trading patterns and an analysis of the token’s chart on the daily timeframe.

Is BTC Ready for a Breakout to a New All-Time High?

Turning his attention to Bitcoin, van de Poppe highlighted that BTC is poised for a significant upward movement toward a new all-time high. The flagship cryptocurrency currently trades between $67,800 and its all-time high of approximately $73,800.

However, van de Poppe also provided a cautious outlook, noting potential support areas for BTC in case of a bearish turn. He identified $67,789, $60,748, and $56,000 as key support levels that could come into play should BTC fail to sustain its current momentum.

EU Decision to Cut Interest Rate Could Spike Market Rally

Macroeconomic factors also influenced Van de Poppe’s analysis. He pointed out that easing monetary policies could be bullish catalysts for all crypto assets, including BTC. The European Central Bank’s recent decision to cut interest rates makes it the first major central bank to do so.

Van de Poppe believes this move could signal a broader trend, with the US Federal Reserve potentially following suit by resuming quantitative easing. Such monetary policies could inject liquidity into the market, causing a fresh upward momentum.

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