Ethereum Foundation and Immunefi Collaborate on Attackathon

Ethereum Foundation and Immunefi Collaborate on Attackathon

A Security Attackathon for Ethereum?

The Ethereum Foundation and Immunefi have launched “Attackathon,” an innovative audit contest to enhance the security of the Ethereum network. This collaboration is set to engage top security researchers in identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities in Ethereum’s core protocol.

The Attackathon includes a structured code review program aimed at uncovering bugs within the Ethereum network. This program encourages Ethereum developers and projects within the ecosystem to contribute to the network’s security and earn rewards.

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It fosters a collaborative and inclusive approach to drive growth and innovation. The Ethereum Foundation has already committed $500,000 to compensate researchers and developers for discovering security flaws.

The Attackathon promises significant rewards, recognition, and professional prestige for the participating security researchers. Immunefi, known for its extensive community of elite security researchers, will showcase their talents in this time-bound competition.

The top-performing white hats will gain recognition within the Ethereum community, highlighting their contributions to securing the protocol. Beyond the competition, the Attackathon includes an educational component designed to expand the skills of security researchers working within the Ethereum ecosystem. Furthermore, this program aims to understand Ethereum’s security challenges better and prepare researchers to address future vulnerabilities.

Proactive Approach to Ethereum Security

With a community of over 45,000 researchers and more than $100 million awarded in bug bounties, Immunefi has a proven track record of safeguarding user funds and enhancing the security of various blockchain projects. Immunefi’s involvement in the Attackathon highlights the importance of collaborative efforts in maintaining the integrity of decentralized networks.

Fredrik Svantes, Protocol Security Research Lead at the Ethereum Foundation, emphasized the project’s potential to uncover critical vulnerabilities within the Ethereum protocol. The Attackathon represents a proactive approach to security, leveraging the skills of the global security community to stress-test the ecosystem and ensure its robustness.

Cloudflare Launches Feature to Block AI Bots

Meanwhile, Cloudflare has unveiled a new feature to prevent AI bots and data scrapers from accessing websites. This “easy button” solution, available to all Cloudflare users, allows website owners to block unwanted bot traffic with a simple toggle in their security settings.

The announcement comes as creators and businesses express growing concerns over AI companies using proprietary data without permission to train their models. In recent years, the internet has seen a surge in AI bots crawling websites to gather data.

While some of these bots follow ethical guidelines and seek user consent, many do not. However, Cloudflare’s new feature directly addresses this issue by allowing users to block such bots.

Once activated, the system blocks all AI bots from accessing the website’s content. This tool is user-friendly, ensuring that even those with limited technical expertise can protect their sites from unwanted bot traffic.

Addressing a Growing Problem

Cloudflare’s bot scoring metric system plays a crucial role in this detection process. It analyses patterns in web traffic, helping the system to distinguish between genuine users and bots.

Among the AI bots tracked by Cloudflare is Bytespider, other notable bots include those from Meta, OpenAI, Anthropic AI, and Google. Cloudflare’s analysis further revealed that while mainstream bots receive the most attention, many lesser-known bots are equally problematic.

Cloudflare’s new feature reflects a broader commitment to maintaining a secure and fair internet. The company acknowledges that some AI developers will continue to find new ways to bypass security measures. Therefore, Cloudflare pledges to keep updating its bot detection and blocking capabilities to stay ahead of these malicious actors.

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