External Coins Review (externalcoins.com) Is ExternalCoins Broker Scam or Legit?

External Coins Review (externalcoins.com) Is ExternalCoins Broker Scam or Legit?
External Coins (externalcoins.com)
External Coins is one of the top brokerage firms in the world of online trading. It offers advanced trading tools and features which help traders a lot. You can read our Externalcoins review to learn more about externalcoins.com.

External Coins Review

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It’s quite common to see people embracing online trading these days. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the convenience it offers. However, many traders feel like their overall experience could use some improvement.

That’s because most of the brokers that offer services don’t do anything except accommodate trades for users. Hence, traders have decided to switch to a different platform that offers more modern features. In this External Coins review, I’ll mention one such broker and talk about what makes it so different.  

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Today’s traders demand a more engaging experience from the platforms they use. Upon hearing how much traction the Externalcoins.com broker platform has been generating, I decided to see for myself how well it can meet traders’ needs. I’ll evaluate how well it stacks up against its competitors by evaluating its features.  

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Get Impressive Leverages On Trades 

When you’re signing up for the ExternalCoins broker platform, it’s likely that you’ll notice the availability of multiple account options. The whole point of offering these many is that it encourages users to choose one based on their current skill set. In case you’re wondering what the difference is, the premium accounts come with better perks.  

A major advantage of paying the bigger deposit and accessing a premium External Coins broker platform account is that you get bigger leverage on your trading positions. In leveraged positions, you won’t be putting down the whole deposit but rather just a fraction of your large position.

Meanwhile, the broker will put in the rest, giving you an opportunity to make increased returns. However, do keep in mind that leveraged trades come with a bigger risk of losses. That’s why it’s only accessible to premium account holders.  

Build a Diverse Portfolio With Multiple Assets  

In any investment market, creating a mixed portfolio that includes different assets is crucial to your long-term success, and online traders feel the same way. That’s why the Externalcoins.com trading platform provides users with an array of different asset classes they can choose from. If you’re interested in the recent Blockchain wave and have a preference for crypto trading, it offers the most popular cryptocurrencies.  

Similarly, if you’re a bit more traditional and like more conventional assets like stocks, commodities, or even foreign exchange pairs, those are available through the platform. This way, you’re able to divide your assets across multiple markets instead of just one.  

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Monitor Your Trading Performance 

If your main goal as a trader is to keep on getting better, you need an objective way to measure your performance. Simply thinking you’re doing a better job because you’re making more returns is the wrong way to go about it. That’s why the ExternalCoins trading platform provides traders with the option to view their trading performance so far.  

Looking at your history and record gives you a clearer idea of how much you’ve gained and/or lost in a specific amount of time. You can also look at your biggest losses and try to find an explanation so it doesn’t happen again.  

Get The Latest Market Data and News  

Perhaps the most important thing that the External Coins trading platform provides is access to current market data and news. These are critical if you’ve just started trading and want to be able to make effective decisions.  

Therefore, viewing major market events is a good way to find out if you should make a trade or simply postpone it. Meanwhile, the advanced charting tool provides you with a method to keep track of an asset’s price changes over time. This can help you detect patterns for growth or decline, and you can schedule positions as per these speculations. That’s because technical analysis is based on data and patterns.  

Is External Coins Scam or Legit?   

Though I’ve mentioned some great features in this External Coins review, I think that the security measures deserve some praise too. It has an SSL encryption certificate, so all user data that’s entered into their browser and transported to the platform is end-to-end encrypted.

That means hackers who attempt to intercept sensitive information won’t be able to. This comes in handy during transactions as well, so all your credit card or banking details are encrypted and hidden from prying eyes.  

Bottom Line 

To finish this External Coins review, I’ll recap the features I’ve talked about so far and how they enhance the trader’s experience. When you sign up with the broker, you can choose one of the premium accounts to get better leverage on your trades.

Then, you can go through multiple asset classes to select a mix of assets for a diversified portfolio. And to give you a chance to enhance your skills, there’s an option to monitor your trading activity so you can track your performance. Plus, there are dedicated tools to get the latest data and insights from the market. 

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