Meta Seeks Metaverse Job Applicants for Generative AI

Meta Seeks Metaverse Job Applicants for Generative AI

Meta, the parent company of the social media giant Facebook, is moving to implement a new outlook for its metaverse project. The tech giant seeks to add new gameplays by infusing generative artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

Meta’s Generative AI Initiatives

Meta’s recently released job posting highlights its dedication to pioneering new consumer experiences using generative AI. The fundamental goal is to make non-deterministic, personalized, and dynamic games with each gameplay.

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The chosen candidate will begin their adventure at Meta’s Reality Labs section, a hub dedicated to building the metaverse. The work offers tremendous rewards, with a yearly remuneration package of roughly $347,000, including a bonus, stock, and perks.

Initially, the role would focus on Horizon, Meta’s suite of mixed-reality games created using their integrated game creation engine. However, there is potential to expand and include non-Meta platforms such as mobile and PC environments.

Financial Implications and Regulatory Scrutiny

Meta’s commitment to its metaverse and AI ambitions is evident in its financial outlay into this endeavor. Notably, the corporation’s earnings report showed losses of $3.8 billion in Q1 2024 due to its investments in Reality Labs.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated during the earnings call that a part of Reality Labs’ effort would be dedicated to assisting Meta’s AI endeavors. This shift demonstrates Meta’s desire to be at the forefront of AI-powered content development.

However, Meta’s AI efforts have hit regulatory roadblocks. Brazil’s National Data Protection Authority recently ordered the immediate suspension of Meta’s new privacy policy over allegations of using Brazilians’ personal information to train its AI models.

Accordingly, the regulatory agency imposed a daily fine of 50,000 Brazilian reals ($8,800) for non-compliance. Brazil is a key market for Meta, with 102 million active Facebook users, demonstrating the magnitude of this regulatory setback.

Sentient: Revolutionizing Open-Source AI

Sentient, an open-source AI development platform, has raised $85 million in seed funding. Major investors like Framework Ventures, Pantera Capital, and Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund led this funding round.

The funding would help Sentient hire more engineers and advance its open AI platform. The business hopes to help AI developers commercialize their open-source models and data, drawing comparisons with ecosystems such as the Super Intelligence Alliance.

The startup intends to use its underlying blockchain technology and incentive mechanisms to secure economic alignment among developers, promoting the emergence of open artificial general intelligence. According to Joey Krug, a Founders Fund partner, Sentient wants to address the motivation problem in open-source AI. Sentient’s test net is expected to deploy this quarter.

Blockchain and AI Integration

Projects seeking to combine blockchain and AI technology has increased dramatically in 2024. For instance, Ora, a protocol aimed at bringing AI on-chain, raised $20 million last month, with Polychain, HF0, and Hashkey Capital among the leading investors.

The protocol intends to tokenize AI models by allowing token holders to partake in the money generated by these AI models. Meanwhile, venture capital investment in blockchain firms has skyrocketed, indicating increased interest and confidence in the industry.

Galaxy Research showed that investors invested $2.49 billion in 603 deals in Q1 2024, up 29% and 68% from the previous two quarters. This trend highlights the growing convergence of blockchain and AI technologies, ushering in a transformational era for the technology industry.

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