Top Nine Crypto Affiliate Programs To Earn Passive Income: A Guide

Top Nine Crypto Affiliate Programs To Earn Passive Income: A Guide

Beyond trading, today’s cryptocurrency platforms also serve as an avenue for generating passive income through affiliate programs. These programs cater to experienced crypto enthusiasts and newcomers in the crypto space.

This guide provides a breakdown of nine standout crypto affiliate programs and what makes each one a potential game-changer for passive income seekers.

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Understanding Crypto Affiliate Programs

As an affiliate, you’re a partner promoting crypto products. You share a special link, and when people use it to buy or use services, you earn rewards, usually in cash or tokens.

However, not all programs pay the same, so you need to find one that suits you and your audience.

Becoming A Crypto Affiliate

To start:

  • Find a crypto platform or service offering an affiliate program.
  • Sign up—usually, it’s free—and get your unique link.
  • Share this link with people you think might be interested in using that service or buying those crypto products.

You can spread the word about this link through your social media, blogs, or even your website. When people use your link to sign up or make purchases, the platform knows it’s from you, and you earn some cash in return.

Remember, it’s essential to pick a platform or service you genuinely believe and trust. You don’t want to recommend something you wouldn’t use yourself, right? Also, always follow the rules and guidelines of the affiliate program—no shortcuts or shady tricks.

Play fair, and you’ll have a good time and earn some bucks while doing it.

Top 9 Platforms To Earn As A Crypto Affiliate

Before compiling the list of programs below, we conducted extensive research, examining payment structures, safety, platform trustworthiness, and user support. Below are our top picks platforms for earning through crypto affiliate marketing.

  • eToro

Known for its viral campaigns, eToro’s variable commission rates (up to $600 per active trader) make it a highly profitable option. However, understanding the trading nuances, especially regarding CFDs, is crucial for your audience.

  • YouHodler

Boasting a user-friendly interface and a 5% lifetime commission, it’s perfect for crypto enthusiasts stepping into affiliate marketing. The arsenal of tools, including dedicated account managers and traffic analysis dashboards, supports effective marketing strategies.

  • Uphold

Offering a 50% revenue share for three months, Uphold simplifies monetizing networks with its straightforward referral system and advanced reporting tools.

  • Coinbase

Coinbase offers 50% of referees’ trading fees for the initial three months. Their robust support includes campaign tracking, testing tools, and customizable reports. However, the platform doesn’t allow UK affiliates into this program.

  • Margex

Margex’s 40% commission on trading fees is a straightforward way to earn from referrals. It’s a seamless process—promote, refer, and earn from the traders you bring in.

  • KuCoin

With potential commissions reaching up to 60% of trading fees and the ability to earn from sub-affiliates, KuCoin is a compelling choice. Its user-friendly referral dashboard streamlines tracking and management.

  • Bybit

Offering up to 50% commission on various trading types and additional earnings for sub-affiliates, Bybit’s user-friendly interface and robust tracking system ensure accurate commission attribution.

  • Wirex

Its Refer-a-Friend program provides rewards of up to $60 worth of WXT for successful referrals. Personalize your referral link to increase your referral success rate.

  • MEXC

MEXC’s affiliate program offers lifetime commissions and additional earnings from sub-affiliates in your preferred cryptocurrency.

How To Choose The Best Crypto Affiliate Program

Choosing the right crypto affiliate program is like picking the coolest game to play or the best movie to watch. You want to make sure it’s fun, safe, and totally worth your time. Here’s how you can figure that out:

First, check out how much they pay. Some programs give you a bit of money every time someone uses your link, while others give you a bigger reward once.

Next, you want to see if they are popular and well-known. It’s like choosing friends—you’d want to hang out with the cool ones. So, go for the ones with a good trust rating.

Then, check how they pay you. Some programs pay in cash, while others pay with digital money like Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Also, it’s super important to see if they are clear about the terms and conditions for affiliates.

Also, make sure the rules are clear and simple. Lastly, check what others say about these programs. If lots of people say it’s awesome, that’s pretty cool.

You’d trust your friends’ recommendations for a good game or movie, wouldn’t you?


By looking at how much they pay, how popular they are, their payment methods, whether they explain their terms clearly, and what others say about them, you can find the most suitable crypto affiliate program for you.

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